Wings of Healing Worship Center

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Sunday School and Kids Ministry

Starting July 2022
We have an exciting new Sunday School Program for our kids.
MOVE is taught by a pair of dedicated teachers and takes place every Sunday During our Worship Service for ages 14 and Down. 

MOVE! Sunday School

Ages 14 and Down

Starting in July 2022!
Move! is an exciting Sunday School/Children's Church program that will keep our kids moving toward the Lord!  Move! takes place every Sunday during our Worship Service. Each week a pair of our dedicated Sunday School volunteers will minister to the kids using music, visual aides, energetic activities, and action packed Bible Stories!

Anchored Kids Group

Ages 14 and Down

Anchored Kids Group is an accompanying ministry that meets monthly with dedicated volunteers for special outings, cook outs, and other activities. 

Sunday School Coordinator - Sis. Dunia Mershon

I'm happily married to Michael Mershon and have three beautiful children, Robin, Natalie and Andrew. I've been married to my wonderful husband since 2002.

I have a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting from Shawnee State University and work full time at CAC of Pike Co.

Being a mom, wife, Sunday school teacher and working full time doesn't give me much extra time but, when I can I like to spend time outdoors, walking or gardening. I also love animals and we have three dogs and two cats.

I started attending church when my husband, kids and I moved to West Portsmouth in 2004. I was baptized in Jesus name and received the Holy Ghost in 2005.

My family and I started attending Wings of Healing Worship Center in 2007 and we've been there ever since. Brother Chuck and Sister Amanda and the congregation are all amazing. I've been a Sunday school teacher for the beginners class for about 8 years. I've had the honor of watching the kids grow up and move up to other classes. I also get great joy from watching them get baptized and get the Holy Ghost. I love teaching children about God and the bible. I pray that the kids take what they learn in my class and in church and apply it to their life now and in the future.

My goal as Sunday School Coordinator is for the church as a whole to work together to make us successful in teaching Gods word and to do this for God's glory. I want the kids to learn about the bible and at the same time make it a fun experience for them.