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Posted by Charles Holsinger on January 31, 2019 at 10:15 PM

Time has been labeled as one of our most valuable assets and I have found that to be true.  The older I get the more precious time is becoming and time wasted is becoming my biggest regrets.  The Bible tells us to redeem the time because the days are evil. Time should be dealt with carefully because once it is gone it is over. Now that our boys are all teenagers I have found myself asking questions such as "where has the time gone" or "I wish time would slow down". I can still remember my boys, who are quickly becoming young men, being babies in my arms. I feel pretty confident that we have made the most of our time together as a family but regret is always lurking in the shadows around time. I don't think there's any of us that wouldn't like to have one more conversation with a loved one taken from us seemingly too soon or another oppurtunity to watch a child perform in a recital or play in a basketball game. 

If we are not careful we will spend more time regretting over lost time instead of living in the time we have. A riddle asks the question, "What is harmless but can kill you"?  It's amazing how quickly time goes by during the weekend or on a vacation doing something you enjoy but how seemingly slow time goes by during the work week.  Time will either fly by quickly or move really slowly based upon what you are doing with your time.  For example one minute talking to someone you love will be over quickly but one minute having dental work done will seem like an eternity.  

Time is too short not to live it completely and totally in the purpose of God. When you find your purpose and work in it for the Kingdom of God your life will take on a whole new meaning.  When one fulfills their purpose in the Kingdom all other areas of your life will reach its full potential.  Use your time wisely!

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